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Cross-Country Vegan: 10 Tips for Eating Well on the Road (with Tailgate-Chef Thai Noodle Recipe)

I love road trips! But I don’t love fast food, gas-station junk, or being hungry. Traveling through our fast-food nation can be challenging for real-food whole-food vegan-food enthusiasts; but with a bit of forethought and planning, eating well on the road can be quick, easy, and delicious!

Soy — Devil-fruit, or Bean? (Hint: Bean)

Detractors frequently demonize the humble soybean. It stands alone in that regard, among its less maligned cousins: no one accuses pinto beans of causing cancer, black beans of causing man-boobs, or chickpeas of causing infertility and birth defects. The soybean has been exploited on a larger scale, but it’s just a bean. Processed foods — with or without soy — can cause problems. GMO foods — soy or otherwise — can cause problems. But soy contains no magic disease demons, no secret toxins, no evil plan to take over the world. It is simply a legume. So relax, good friends, and rejoice: for soy is no devil! ‘Tis but a bean.

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