Editorial Policy

Objectivity and Fairness

All content published on our website will be accurate, fair, and objective. We will not favor any brand, product, or service unless we have objectively assessed it to be beneficial for our readers. Comparative analysis, reviews, and recommendations will adhere to standards of objectivity and fairness. All content will also abide by our Disclosure Policy.


We are committed to rigorous fact-checking. Every piece of information, presented in our articles, blogs, and other published content will be vetted for accuracy. This includes data on nutritional value, health benefits, and environmental impact of food choices and lifestyles we cover.

Original Content

All content on Eat Drink Better will be original and free from plagiarism. We respect intellectual property rights and uphold the integrity of the journalism profession. Any form of content duplication will not be tolerated.


We will rely on reliable, credible, and impartial sources of information. This would include scientific studies, verified data, and expert opinions in the field of nutrition and health. All sources used will be properly cited.

Product Claims

Any claims made by product manufacturers in their reviews and advertisements will be independently verified by our editorial team. We will make all reasonable efforts to ensure that any promotional content on our platform is transparent, evidence-based, and not misleading.

User-Generated Content

User-generated content, if any, will also be monitored to ensure it adheres to our commitment to factual accuracy and respect for our audience’s needs and beliefs. Any content generated by users that does not adhere to these principles may be removed, with or without notice.

AI-Generated Content

Our team may use AI tools for brainstorming and writing assistance, however, it is against our editorial policies to publish any content fully-generated by AI. Any instances of AI-generated content will be fact-checked and reviewed by authors and our authors stand by all statements as their own. AI-generated passage, if any, will also be monitored to ensure it adheres to our commitment to factual accuracy and respect for our audience’s needs and beliefs.

Health Claims

Any references to the health implications of specific diets or lifestyle choices will be backed by scientific evidence. We do not support or endorse any unfounded or unproven health benefits.

Revisions and Corrections

We are committed to making prompt corrections if we identify any inaccuracies in our content. If there is an error, omission, or a significant change to the information, we will revise the content and provide a clear and conspicuous notice of any changes that substantially change the content of the page.


As the field of nutrition science evolves, so will our content. We will continuously update our content to reflect the latest findings and advancements.

Respect for Readers

We understand the diversity of our audience at Eat Drink Better. We will always respect the choices, opinions, and preferences of our readers. As we provide accurate information on various diets and lifestyle choices, we promise never to engage in coercion or judgmental behavior.

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