Vegan Selenium Sources and Benefits

Dive into the world of vegan selenium sources and uncover the ‘seleni-yum’ of this essential nutrient! From plant-powered picks to the science behind selenium’s role, this article serves up the facts.

Vegan Vitamin C Sources and Benefits

Get ready to squeeze every drop of knowledge from our vibrant article on Vegan Vitamin C sources and benefits. Learn from our refreshing perspective on Vitamin C’s significance, the fruitfulness of vegan sources, supplementation tips, and enjoy a zestful FAQ section about this vital vitamin.

Vegan vs Cruelty-Free

We’re deciphering the subtle nuances between Vegan and Cruelty-Free products. Stick around as we dish out a compassionate guide to overlap and discrepancies between the two, shed light on the cruelty-free concept, and round it off with a fully loaded FAQ section.

Vegan Taurine Sources and Benefits

We’re taking a deep dive into Vegan Taurine sources and their vital benefits. Stay tuned as we unfold the essential roles of this amino sulfonic acid, explore vegan-friendly sources, and dish out smart supplement insights, touching upon impactful lifestyle factors in our FAQ section.

Vegan vs Pescatarian Diet

We’re sinking our teeth into the Vegan vs Pescatarian diet argument. Jump in as we chart the overlapping courses and distinct differences, all while providing a catch of knowledge about common foods within both dietary lifestyles.

Vegan Iodine Sources and Benefits

Navigate the sea of information on Vegan Iodine sources and benefits with us. Plunge into understanding the iodine’s role, vegan-rich iodine foods and supplements, and how lifestyle influences your iodine needs in our vibrant FAQ section.

Vegan vs Keto Diet

We’re serving up fresh insights on the Vegan vs Keto diet debate. Dive in as we break down the food face-off, showing commonalities and key differences, along with a tasty side of fun and engaging FAQ’s about both diets.

Vegan Vitamin E Sources and Benefits

Let’s peel back the layers of Vitamin E’s benefits while sprinkling in some of the finest vegan sources of this essential nutrient. From how your body soaks it up to the lifestyle tweaks that could boost your levels, we’ve packed in all things Vitamin E, leaving no leaf, or FAQ, unturned!

Vegan vs Carnivore Diet

Come with us on a flavorful journey as we dissect the Vegan and Carnivore diets – detailing their overlaps, exclusives, and all the in-betweens. Whether you’re Team Leaf or Team Beef, this article serves up a deliciously insightful comparison, with answers to FAQs that will leave no stone unturned or vegetable unchewed!

Vegan Biotin Sources and Benefits

Jump into the world of Biotin with us as we explore its significance to your health, highlight vegan-friendly sources, and discuss its absorption process in the body. We’ll debunk the common myths, provide insights into choosing the right vegan supplements, and reveal fun, biotin-fueled facts that’ll make your hair stand on end!

Vegan vs Mediterranean Diet

Join the flavorful showdown between Vegan and Mediterranean diets with us! We unveil their delicious common ground and the foodie rivalries that leave even feta cheese a bit salty.

Vegan Choline Sources and Benefits

We’re digging deep into the world of vegan-friendly choline, serving up its vital role in your body, dishing out delectable plant-based sources, and even spicing it up with tips to meet your choline needs while staying true to your vegan vibe.

Vegan DHA Sources and Benefits

Unleashing the power of Vegan DHA! We’ll go into the world of essential nutrients, exploring the significance of DHA for the body, the best plant-based sources, effective Vegan DHA supplements, and how our body cleverly uses this “amino-azing” compound. Whether you’re a seasoned plant-eater or just starting out, we’ve got the scoop on meeting your DHA needs deliciously.

Vegan vs Organic

Dig into the delicious debate as we unravel the flavorful tango between Vegan and Organic diets! From the delightful duets of Foods That Are Both Vegan and Organic to the sassy solos of Understanding Organic Diets, we’ll have you dancing through the aisles of conscious eating.

Vegan Carnosine Sources and Benefits

Discover the Power of Vegan Carnosine: We’re diving deep into the world of carnosine – that unsung hero for your body! Unveil the secrets of vegan-friendly sources, supercharge your knowledge about supplements, and explore how carnosine struts its stuff in your body’s performance. Join us as we dish out tips, tricks, and FAQs.

Vegan Creatine Sources & Benefits

Unlocking Plant-Powered Strength: Discover the dynamic world of vegan creatine through our article. We delve into the art of harnessing plant-based sources, turbocharging your workouts the vegan way, and decoding how ‘we’ all naturally become forces of strength through creatine synthesis.

Vegan Iron Sources and Benefits

Let us pump you up on why iron is your body’s favorite side dish, serving up the best vegan iron sources, sizzling supplements, and even spicing it up with tips to meet your iron needs while living the veggie life.
vegan healthy fat

Vegan Healthy Fat Sources and Benefits

Learn the essential role of vegan healthy fats: unveiling benefits, top food sources, and vital diet insights. Dive into the world of plant-based goodness as we unlock the key sources of healthy fats, their incredible benefits, and why they are a crucial cornerstone of your journey to optimal health.

Vegan Protein Sources and Benefits

We’re dishing out delicious insights on vegan protein-packed foods, spilling the beans on supplements, unraveling how your body does the protein tango, and serving up savvy tips to amp up your protein game on a vegan plate.

Vegan vs Omnivore

We dive into the ongoing debate between vegan and omnivore diets, uncovering differences in food choices, ethical viewpoints, and environmental impact. Learn how these diets intersect, where their similarities lie, and explore common foods that cater to both lifestyles.
common vegan nutrient deficiencies

Common Vegan Nutrient Deficiencies

Master the art of thriving on a vegan diet as we tackle nutrient deficiencies head-on. Our in-depth guide, reveals essential insights into maintaining a balanced, nutrient-rich plant-based lifestyle.

Vegan Calcium Sources and Benefits

From dark leafy greens to fortified plant-based milk, we go over a variety of plant-powered vegan calcium sources, and guide you on how to optimize calcium absorption for optimal health.

Ethical Arguments for a Vegan Diet 

The Moral Compass of Veganism: Unveiling the ethical threads that weave through our food choices. We’ll cover the profound principles of nonviolence, utilitarianism, and interconnectedness that underpin veganism’s journey towards a more compassionate, sustainable, and equitable future for animals, humans, and the planet.
vegan vitamin b-12

Vegan Vitamin B-12 Sources and Benefits

Vitamin B-12 plays a pivotal role in a vegan lifestyle. We’ll cover plant-based sources, teaching you about its vital contributions to health, and master smart strategies to ensure your daily intake!

Vegan vs Paleo

Navigate the key differences, and intricate similarities between Vegan and Paleo diets! We’ll journey through overlapping foods, potential challenges, and strategies for maintaining a balanced and nutritious lifestyle in this guide to Vegan vs Paleo diets.

Is Gelatin Vegan?

Join us in learning about the vegan status of gelatin. Explore how gelatin is made, its environmental impact, and the controversies surrounding its use in the vegan community.

Debunking the Myth: Are Vegan Diets Really That Expensive?

Discover the truth about the cost of a vegan diet in this comprehensive article. We debunk the myth that veganism is expensive, and provide an in-depth analysis of the expenses associated with a vegan lifestyle, offering budget-friendly alternatives and strategies for maintaining a nutritious and affordable plant-based diet.

Vegan Vitamin D Sources and Benefits

Did you know you can get Vitamin D through fortified plant-based foods, sunlight exposure to the skin, and mushrooms? We foraged our way through vast information to bring you the roles of vitamin D in bone health, muscle function, the nervous system, and heart health while mastering practical tips to maintain optimal vitamin D levels on a vegan diet!

Vegan vs Plant-Based

Vegan and plant-based lifestyles are often confused, and the terminology used interchangeably, although there is a difference! Unravel the secrets behind these two powerful movements and embark on a journey towards a more sustainable and compassionate world.

Vegan Zinc Sources and Benefits

We share the secrets to meeting your zinc needs on a vegan diet through our educational guide! You’ll learn about the essential plant-based foods packed with zinc, expert tips for absorption, and how to optimize your health with this vital trace mineral.

Vegan vs Dairy-Free

Let us guide you through the overlaps and unique characteristics of Vegan vs Dairy-Free diets, and learn how to make delicious and sustainable food decisions that suit your lifestyle!

Vegan vs Gluten-Free

Embark on a mouthwatering journey through the realm of ‘vegan vs gluten-free’ with us! We’ve kneaded out the intriguing similarities, baked up a delectable selection of permissible indulgences, and sliced through the nuanced disparities that give these diets their distinct flavors.

Vegan Collagen Sources and Benefits

Discover the beauty of plant-based vitality with our comprehensive guide on vegan collagen sources and benefits. We spill the beans on how we, nature’s culinary architects, concoct a cruelty-free collagen carnival through delectable vegan delights, supplements, and savvy lifestyle choices, ensuring your body stays as strong as your commitment to a vibrant, eco-conscious lifestyle!

Vegan Omega-3 Sources and Benefits

Elevate your well-being with a delightful dive into our guide on Vegan Sources of Omega-3. We’re serving up savvy insights on omega-3’s vital role, dishing out delectable vegan food sources of omega-3, and even spilling the tea on lifestyle twists that amp up absorption!

Vegan Meat: 20+ Plant-Based Meat Alternatives & Substitutes

Discover the wide variety of vegan meat substitutes and alternatives that cater to every taste, and find the one that suits you best. Whether you’re looking for environmentally friendly options, extra veggies in your diet, easier digestion, or lower cholesterol and fat intake, this article provides valuable insights and recipe inspiration for your meatless journey.

30+ Creative Vegan Pancake Recipes

Pancakes are a popular breakfast and brunch food worldwide, with different cultures having their own unique versions. For instance, latkes, Irish potato cakes, crumpets, crepes, and the incredible Dutch baby are all excellent pancake-type foods that you can find around the world. We collected recipes for some of our favorite vegan pancake recipes, and put them in this nifty guide to help inspire your pancake creations! Check them out here, but I must warn you, you’ll get very hungry!

35+ Delightful Vegan Sandwich Recipes

Eating a plant-based meal doesn’t have to be boring. There are a wealth of vegan dishes, including these incredible sandwiches that are sure to satisfy anyone’s unique preferences! Let’s sink our teeth into some of these delightful vegan sandwich recipes before lunchtime is over.

44+ Vegan Taco Recipes

These vegan taco recipes include classics like vegan carnitas and vegan fish tacos. There are sweet desserts, creative fusions, and international inspirations.

Plant-Based Protein: The Definitive Guide

There’s no need to ever ask vegan and vegetarians ‘where do you get your protein?’ because there are so many different ways to enjoy plant-based protein. Whether you’re a vegan, an omnivore, or choose to eat somewhere in between, there is a huge list of plant-based protein options to choose from. It’s important to note that ALL plant-based foods have protein, even unlikely foods like oranges (almost 1 gram/orange) and kale (almost 3 grams/cup, chopped). So rather than detailing every single plant food on the planet, we’re going to cover traditionally dense protein sources like nuts, seeds, beans, lentils, grains,…

How to Prevent Heart Disease with Diet

Could heart disease be as infrequent as malaria in the future? In this video, Dr. Sanjay Gupta talks with doctors, researchers, and individuals about how eating a plant-based diet can make you ‘heart attack proof’ and help prevent heart disease.
Vegan Meringue

What do vegans use instead of eggs?

What do vegans use instead of eggs? It varies, depending on what the eggs do in your recipe. Here are some common egg replacers for various situations.
9 Delicious Ways to Cook Broccoli

9 Delicious Ways to Cook Broccoli

Spring is almost here, and that means broccoli season! Try some of these delicious ways to cook broccoli, my favorite vegetable of all time.

Vegan Valentine’s Day Chocolate

There is a common misconception out there that vegans can’t have chocolate, and that is so untrue! Check out these vegan Valentine’s day chocolate options. We have some that you can make and some that you can buy.
gift guide

Gifts for People Who Love to Cook

Holidays are for sharing food and love, and if you’re a gift giver, this is the list to help you give BOTH food and love. Here we present our Eat Drink Better guide to gifts for people who love to cook!
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