Vegan Valentine’s Day Chocolate

There is a common misconception out there that vegans can’t have chocolate, and that is so untrue! Check out these vegan Valentine’s day chocolate options. We have some that you can make and some that you can buy.
TY KU sake

TY KU Sake and Cocktails for a Healthier Happy Hour

We got to experience TY KU premium sake at a fun sake tasting at Wanderlust Squaw Valley. I have always loved sake, but I had no idea this ancient beverage could be so modern, so delightful… and perfect for healthy cocktails!
5 Easy Green Smoothie Recipes for Breakfasts on the Go

5 Easy Green Smoothie Recipes + Green Smoothie Tips

Whether you’re new to green smoothies or an old pro, it’s always fun to branch out with some new recipes. We’ve got some unusual and healthy green smoothie recipes below along with some tips for making your smoothies better and faster!

Developing a Taste for Animal Rights: For Our Health, for Our Planet, for Our Future

It’s Blog Action Day, and while I generally cringe at putting my name next to anything promoted as a “blog”, this is a worthy cause as the theme is “inequality.” As someone who has been a vegan and animal rights activist for more than 20 years, writing about inequality in our food system is a no-brainer. It’s an important topic to discuss. From the food deserts, to the high price for healthy food, to the tons of it going into the trash while millions go hungry. But no issue is more pressing and more ignored than eating animals.
kid with fruit

Healthy Lunches for Kids in Daycare Programs May Require a Note from a Doctor

Sending your children off to a daycare with some healthy food may not be as simple as it sounds if your child’s daycare participates in the federal Child and Adult Food Care Program (CACFP). The program is making it difficult for parents to pack healthy lunches for kids because it hinders funding for the program, which daycare programs rely on.
Drywell Art

Five Festive Food Art Finds

Making art is creative. So is making food. When combined, it can be quite magical. So I hope you’ll enjoy discovering five of my favorite food art finds.

Gluten Sensitivity May Actually be from Another Component in Wheat

Should you avoid gluten, a protein found in certain grains? Many people do, even if they’re not officially suffering from a gluten sensitivity or from celiac disease, a serious autoimmune disease that affects about one percent of the population. Gluten has become a pariah—blamed for a number of health issues that may not have scientific backing (such as weight gain, skin conditions and decreased cognitive function).

The Great Vegan Search Engine: A Custom Google Search Tool for Vegans

Eat Drink Better’s own Becky Striepe has launched a fantastically cool tool for vegans: it’s a custom Google search tool she’s dubbed “The Great Vegan Search Engine.” We were all pretty impressed and thought you might want to check it out too. I got the deets from Becky on the project. Here’s how you can benefit, too.

4 Tips for Going Gluten Free

Whether you’re dealing with Celiac Disease or are sensitive to gluten, going gluten free can seem daunting. Here are some tips to help make it easier.

Healing with Rainforest Herbs: A User’s Guide

The Amazon rainforest. Not only is it the lungs of the earth, but it’s our medicine cabinet too. Amazonian rainforest herbs have been treasured by indigenous cultures since ancient times. Many of these potent plants have benefits for the rest of us too. So potent, in fact, a simple cup of cat’s claw tea or a smoothie enhanced with wayusa can drastically change the course of our health.

Should Beer Be Part of Your After Workout Plans?

A new beverage Lean Machine, an after workout beer also known as “recovery ale,” is creating quite a stir. Should you add beer to your after workout plans or is it just more marketing healthwash? Lean Machine is a new Canadian beer designed for “active adults who are want a full-flavored, low calorie, low carb premium beer.” In addition to being positioned as  low calorie (77 calories a serving), low carb (2.5 grams per serving),  low sugar and  caffeine-free, it is fortified with ingredients “designed to benefit you post-work out.” Kinda like gatorade for adults. So the question remains: Should you add beer to…

9 Food Trends that Make Us Happy

There are lots of gross, unhealthy food trends out there, and it’s easy to get very gloom and doom about our food system. There are some silver linings though. Check out these awesome food trends!

An Ode to Toast

Toast is a universal food. It’s comfort. Quick. Warm. Crunchy.

Food & Beverage TrendWatch: KRAVE Jerky

FoodNavigator-USA recently picked its list of 10 food and beverage entrepreneurs to watch in 2014 and some of the entrepreneurs are finding profit in healthful, innovative, inspiring food trends. This is the second in a series highlighting the best of FoodNavigator-USA’s list of 10 food and beverage entrepreneurs to watch in 2014.  I was thrilled to see KRAVE Jerky founder Jon Sebastiani on the watch list. As it says on the KRAVE website, ‘KRAVE takes jerky to another level!’ Promising moist and tender, chemical-free, hand-sliced pieces of meat, KRAVE Jerkys are entirely gluten-free and free of nitrites, MSG, and corn syrup. Due to its…

Are All Nuts Created Equal?

Becky’s recent post about the health benefits of nuts made me curious. Since they’re so good for you, which ones should you eat? Is one better than another?

The 30 Minute Vegan: Soup’s On! Cookbook Review and Recipe

The 30 Minute Vegan: Soup’s On! by Mark Reinfeld arrived in my mailbox a week ago, just as the weather started to cool. The timing of Soup’s On! is particularly good, since I am happy for a break from cooking large, multi-course meals. A quick, hearty soup is perfect. But Soup’s On! doesn’t limit the selection of soups to winter. It has more than one hundred quick and easy recipes for every season.

Wine Flavored Popcorn (Its GMO-Free, Vegan & Gluten-Free Too!)

New Zealand winemaker Kim Crawford has joined forces with Populence, an artisanal popcorn maker in New York City, to create a Sauvignon Blanc wine flavored kettle popcorn Wine + Popcorn In addition to being vegan and GMO- and gluten-free, Populence’s Wine flavored popcorn appears to be a first for the industry. The candied popcorn’s flavor is described as “bright and zesty” and Populence says “it pairs beautifully with the wine, just as it is meant to be enjoyed.” Populence is a bricks and mortar “popcorn bar” known for its “inventive flavors” that are handmade on-site fresh every day. Populence also seems to…

Cooking Plan It – Make Meal Planning Easier

Cooking Plan It is an app that makes meal planning and cooking easier. Select a meal or recipes from their list and the app organizes the shopping list, preparation, and cooking steps for you. All the food is ready to be served at the same time. Cooking Plan It includes nearly 500 recipes. 261 are vegetarian and 86 of those are vegan.

Paleo Desserts – Cookbook Review with Easy Chocolate Mousse Recipe

If you think the Paleo lifestyle is just an excuse to eat bacon-wrapped chicken stuffed in a steak, you haven’t seen Jane Barthelemy’s cookbook, Paleo Desserts, or her blog at Jane’s Healthy Kitchen. Jane Barthelemy bases her recipes on ingredients potentially accessible to people living in the Paleolithic era – and creates 125 vegetarian and vegan dessert recipes.
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