3 Essential Vegan Condiments

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Here are 3 condiments I couldn’t imagine life without.


I was going to include the condiments below in my list of favorite foods the other day, but then more and more foods came to my mind and I decided that these might fit better in a list of their own.

To combine with many of my favorite foods (although, probably not the fruits), here are three essential vegan condiments, in my humble opinion.

Again, I wonder if you have some others you would include.

Nutritional Yeast

I love nutritional yeast on all kinds of different dishes — mixed with rice, pasta, veggies, or beans; on toast, sandwiches, rice cakes, or popcorn; and even in guacamole sometimes. It is especially good mixed with olive oil (more on that below).

Although it is often mentioned as an alternative to cheese, I think it really is its own unique thing and I can’t compare it to anything else. It is definitely a tasty and nutritious condiment and one I would have a hard time living without. (I actually got some big bags of it when I was visiting the States and have had more mailed to me here for a hefty price because I have not been able to find it in Poland yet.)

For a little more on nutritional yeast, check out “Eating Vegan: The Cheese Problem” or “Eating Vegan: The Elusive Vitamin B12.”


I use spirulina in a similar way as nutritional yeast, but generally less often and on fewer foods (mostly just on rice, pasta, toast, sandwiches, popcorn, and rice cakes). Although, I also use it in some other ways — in juices or smoothies.

For some more thoughts on how to eat spirulina and what it’s good for, check out my previous post on this superfood, “Exploring the Energy of Spirulina.”

Olive Oil

Generally, I don’t use any oil other than olive oil. Many studies have shown that olive oil has many health benefits, whereas most other oils are not so good for our health. Additionally, it tastes so much better.

Generally, I eat it on all the foods above.

I use it instead of butter for some things as well.

I think the best olive oil I ever had was homemade olive oil in Croatia — get some of the homemade stuff if you ever have the chance!

Have any favorite condiments I left out?

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7 thoughts on “3 Essential Vegan Condiments”

  1. I think this would be a better article if you also defined what all of these things are, and where you can find them. Aside from that, it’s a good article. I look for cold-pressed, unfiltered, organic, extra-virgin olive oil. It makes a huge difference in the flavor!

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