The Fruit Guys: Produce Delivery Review

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Fruit and Veggies from FruitGuys

Have you ever wanted your fresh fruits and vegetables sent straight to your front door? The Fruit Guys may have a product for you. It’s called the Take Home. I was given the chance to review this product. Here is what I think…

Who are The Fruit Guys?

The Fruit Guys have been around since 1998. They began by mailing fresh fruits and vegetables to businesses to encourage produce consumption in the workplace. They claim to support small local farms as well as health and our environment. The Fruit Guys donate to non-profit organizations, food banks and food pantries. The Take Home box is an extension of their original business and it involves sending fruit boxes to homes.

What is a Take Home Box?

The Take Home box is marketed as “convenient, seasonal fruits and veggies.” The produce is “sustainably farmed” and “regional.” The main point of the Take Home box is to add convenience to the busy business person. It saves a trip to the grocery store and includes recipes in the box. So what do I think?


  • The Take home was delivered on the day I was told it would arrive.
  • The Fruit Guys use recycled cardboard and will recycle the Take Home box up to four times.
  • My box contained: 3 kohlrabi, 1 bunch of kale, 3 poblano peppers, 6 pears, 2 apples, 2 oranges, 2 avocado, 2 garlic bulbs, 3 yellow squash, and 2 cucumber. Wow! I was impressed with the volume.
  • The Fruit Guys provided me with recipes just in case I had never eaten kohlrabi or kale. This would be helpful to many people who aren’t adventurous with their produce.
  • The produce was all organic.
  • The convenience factor weighed greatly. I had a busy week when the box came and it saved me a trip to the market.


  • I live in Michigan, supposedly the state with the second highest variety of produce. Not one item was from Michigan. Some of my food items even came from California. That doesn’t seem regional to me.
  • Although most of the produce was fresh and crisp, some items were slightly over ripe. I was able to eat the overripe foods first and nothing went bad. If the whole box was overripe, it may not be cost effective.

In Conclusion

The cost benefit of this product depends on the individual. If you are searching for regional food, this may not be your product. If you need convenient organic food, this may be something to look into. Any thoughts?

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