Prevent Snoring with Diet

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foods to prevent snoring

Do you snore? Along with some lifestyle changes, there are a few foods that can help prevent snoring.

The trick to giving snoring the boot is finding its root cause. Snoring happens when air passes through the narrow passages along the lungs and the throat. There are a few simple lifestyle changes that can help prevent snoring:

  • Sleep on your side.
  • Drop a few pounds, if you’re overweight.
  • Exercise regularly.
  • Try an anti-snoring device. American Academy of Otolaryngology has recommended this device for snorers.
  • Change your diet.

Prevent Snoring with Diet

There are a few small dietary changes that can help prevent snoring.

  • Ditch the dairy.  Dairy products increase the mucus in your nasal passages leading to narrower airways and restriction of air flow.
  • Cut back on booze. It is highly recommended to reduce or entirely stop the consumption of alcohol and other drugs as they suppress your breathing drive.
  • Chose healthy, whole foods to reach a healthy weight. Obese people tend to have more fat around the neck which leads to narrow air passages which leads to obstruction and hence the rattling sound of snoring.
  • Eat your onions. Include onions in your daily diet. Onions not only act as an anti-inflammatory but also a rich source of antioxidants. They also serve as decongestants clearing the passage for air to pass through and thereby preventing snoring, according to Sleep Disorder Guide.
  • Have some honey, lemon, and thyme. Adding more honey and lemon to your diet might also do wonders for you. Honey acts a natural decongestant and an antiseptic too. The mixture of honey and thyme reduces the mucus in the air passages. Try add lemon to your tea before going to the bed and prevent snoring.
  • Load up on garlic and horseradish. These hot foods help  dry up the nasal passages and can even reduce the excess mucus in the air passages which reduce sinus blockage and snoring.
  • Pass the olive oil. Choose olive oil rather over saturated fats like butter. Saturated oils lead to acid reflux which might lead to heartburn if it remains confined to the stomach, and if that reflux reaches the upper esophagus it can lead to snoring. Olive oil acts as anti-inflammatory and reduces arterial inflammation.
  • Ditch the red meat. Red meat is inflammatory. It acts on your arteries, and there is a direct connection between arterial inflammation and nasal inflammation and snoring.
  • Drink that green tea. Green tea also has decongestant properties. Maybe enjoy it with some honey and lemon?

Have you found other dietary changes that have helped you prevent snoring? Share your tips in the comments!

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