Ditch Disposable Plastic with Glacier Water

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“If you eliminate the scourge of bottled water, you’ll be eliminating one of the biggest problems facing our environment” -Capt. Charles Moore

“If you eliminate the scourge of bottled water, you’ll be eliminating one of the biggest problems facing our environment” -Capt. Charles Moore

Disposable plastic water bottles are a huge waste and source of pollution. Glacier Water* offers the benefits of bottled water without the single-use plastic.

Our Single-Use Plastic Problem

In areas where tap water is unsafe or just plain tastes bad, folks tend to turn to bottled water for healthy hydration. Bottled water consumption has exploded. In fact, we use over 17 million barrels of oil to produce a year’s supply of single-use plastic bottles.

All of those plastic bottles add up to mountains of plastic waste. Plastic water bottles are recyclable, but right now, over 80% of all plastic bottles become trash in landfills where they can take over 1,000 years for to biodegrade. U.S. landfills are overflowing with 2 million tons of single-use water bottles.

The good news is we don’t need single-use plastic bottles to deliver clean, filtered, healthy water.

A Better Water Source

Glacier WaterGlacier Water is a less wasteful alternative to all of those single-use bottles. Instead of cases and cases of bottles that you throw away after one use, Glacier Water provides some of the greatest water available from any of their 22,000+ Water Refill Stations located throughout North America. Glacier Water’s Director of Product Management Kevin Steele says,

“We all want to do the right thing for the planet. And one of the simplest changes you can make is to use water refill as an everyday source for your hydration, cooking, and beverage preparation needs. Choosing to refill helps the planet by reducing plastic waste.”

Each of Glacier Water’s nationwide Water Refill Stations function much like a mini-neighborhood bottled water plant. For water customers, the process is simple:

  • Obtain a refillable container
  • Take it to a Glacier Water Refill Station
  • Insert payment (one gallon costs less than a 16oz water bottle)
  • Refill your bottle.

You get healthy, clean, filtered water without contributing to the single use plastic waste cycle. Glacier Water explains:

“No more wasteful plastic bottles to fill our landfills and pollute our earth. Just by refilling your own container, you can help our planet. Glacier customers help keep plastic bottles out of our landfills. Every year, Glacier customers keep an estimated 400 MILLION plastic bottles from becoming trash.”

Getting to know Glacier Water’s great taste and pricing

GW World in WaterBy combining its advanced filtration systems with excellent service, Glacier Water provides customers with a solid alternative to single-use bottled water. Says Steele,

“We believe great tasting water doesn’t need a great big price. We’ve invested in about 22,000 small bottled water plants. And since we’re not delivering pre-packaged water, we don’t need a fleet of big delivery trucks to get that water to you. By drinking Glacier Water, you get great tasting water, save money, and help protect the environment.”

The customer’s bottom line is also an important consideration. One gallon costs less than just one 16 ounce water bottle. Investing in a bottle is a great way to start saving money — no matter where you purchase your favorite size. You can find a Glacier Water Refill Station near you and to learn more about the company on their website.

*This post has been sponsored by Glacier Water. 

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