Vegan Mashed Potatoes

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Do you love delicious mashed potatoes but could do without the butter? Never fear, I’ll explain how you can make your favorite mashed potato dish without butter or regular milk with some easy milk substitutes.

Head down to your favorite store and buy a pint of soy milk or almond milk. If you don’t want your potatoes to have a distinct vanilla taste, then make sure to purchase the original or plain flavor. Soy milk can inherently have a slightly nutty flavor, but it will be completely unnoticeable in your finished dish. You will also need a little tub of vegan margarine or some olive oil.

Make sure the label says “lactose-free” or “vegan” so you can be sure it is dairy-free. You can also check the ingredients, and beneath the list make sure it doesn’t say “contains milk products.” Labels are your friends, so make sure to read them all thoroughly, including the margarine to make sure it is dairy-free. Almond milk and soy milk are dairy-free to begin with, so you are all set there.

Vegan Mashed Potatoes

What You’ll Need:

  • Plain almond milk or soy milk
  • About six medium-sized baking potatoes (white)
  • vegan margarine or olive oil
  • Pepper, salt, spices, and herbs, to taste

Cooking Directions

  1. Begin by preparing your potatoes for mashing as you normally would. Wash, peel (you can also choose to leave the skins on if you like), cut, and simmer until soft. Only add enough water to cover your potatoes in the pot for simmering. If you add too much water, you will need to drain water to avoid extremely watery potatoes.
  2. Begin mashing your potatoes until they are somewhat lumpy in texture and consistency. You are only mashing your potatoes part way at this time.
  3. Add one or two large dollops of margarine or a few tablespoons of olive oil. Add in your seasonings for taste (garlic, salt, pepper, and any spices or herbs you desire). Mash the potatoes to your desired consistency while adding your seasonings and additional margarine or oil.
  4. Add one or two dollops of the almond milk or soy milk to get to your desired potato thickness. Use a large spoon to mix it all together extremely well, making sure that the margarine or oil is completely melted and the almond or soy milk is evenly spread throughout the potatoes.
  5. Allow the mashed potatoes to sit for five to ten minutes to settle and cool. If you desire, add a bit of oregano or parsley on top of your potatoes as a seasoning or garnish.

What’s your favorite holiday side dish? Share away in the comments!

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