Cool off with Cucumber Dill Soup

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The calendar says May, but where I live in San Francisco, it’s been feeling like the dead of summer lately. My thermometer says 85, which is unseasonably hot for my otherwise moderate city. Usually, my lunchtime staple is soup, however a warm bowl full of chili may be great in November, but none too appealing today.

I decided instead to concoct a cooling summertime soup. I’m a sucker for Gazpacho, but I wanted something a little lighter today. I also needed to use up all the dill from my herb garden that’s been withering away in the heat.

Here’s my recipe for Cucumber Dill Soup that as refreshing as it is delicious (and not to mention, healthy and quick to prepare!)

3 Cucumbers, peeled
1/2 Yellow Pepper
1 Vine-ripened tomato
1 Avocado
1 Cup of chopped dill
4 Oz. silken tofu
1 Tbsp. red wine vinegar
2 Tsp. olive oil (or grapeseed oil)
1 Tsp. lemon juice
Salt and pepper to taste

Set 1/2 of one of your cucumbers aside for later. Chop the rest of the cukes, pepper and tomato into large chunks, so that they’ll fit in your food processor. Pulse it a few times to make room, and then add all of your remaining ingredients.

Once you’ve blended until liquified, take your remaining cucumber half and slice very thin. Add the slices to the mixture, and there you have it! It doesn’t get much simpler than that.

You may want to refrigerate for a few minutes before serving, as it’s best when chilled. I scooped mine up with a ciabatta roll, and it was a perfect lunch for a sweltering day.

Are there other cool summertime soups that you enjoy? Let me know in the comments; I’m always eager to try new soup recipes!

Here are a few warmer varieties:

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7 thoughts on “Cool off with Cucumber Dill Soup”

  1. This sounds great, Sharon.

    I tell you what, remind me of piece again(if I don’t think of it myself)in about two months when it’s crazy hot here and I have lots of fresh organic cukes from the garden.

  2. Oooh, can’t wait until my cucumbers, dill, tomatoes, and peppers grow so I can make this soup! Thanks for another recipe that I’ll be adding to my collection…

  3. @Megan – it’s always better when you grow it yourself! Wish I had space to grow my own cukes, but I’ll settle for an herb garden.

    @Josh – awesome! So glad to hear it. Let me know if you guys ever wat to come over to be recipe tasters!

  4. This sounds great and perfect for hot weather!

    It reminds me of a Babar book I had when I was little and the elephant children were making cucumber soup in a blender and it explodes all over the kitchen. I need to find that book and see if I can get my 5 year-old to be enthusiastic about making this soup.

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