Vegan Recipe: Herbed Tofu Feta

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I admit it: I’m a tofiend! I also used to be a feta fiend, before I understood the scale and scope of the animal cruelty inherent in dairy production (and how weird it was for a grown mammal like me to be unweaned). Now tofu feta tops my list of salad staples! I finally standardized my tofeta technique, resulting from extensive and enthusiastic R-&-D activities. Enjoy!



Pour off liquid from diced tofu, wrap in a clean kitchen towel, and press for 10-15 minutes under a weighted plate or cutting board (canned goods make convenient weights!).

Meanwhile, whisk together all other ingredients in a glass or ceramic bowl. Marinate pressed diced tofu in olive oil-lemon juice-spice mixture at least one hour or (preferably) overinight.

Ta-da! Easy breezy tofu squeezy: you’ve got yourself some tasty herbed tofeta, ready for recipe action!

Try Tofeta With…

Green salads — Great with fresh spinach, olives, and toasted pine nuts, topped with balsamic vinaigrette. Also amazing with fresh greens, sunflower seeds or pepitas, red bell pepper slivers, and vegan ranch dressing.

Pasta salads — rotini or shell pasta tossed with toasted pine nuts, tofeta, tomatoes, fresh julienned basil, fresh parsley, salt, red pepper flakes, lemon juice and extra-virgin olive oil…. mmmmm!

Stuffed shells or manicotti — toss tofeta with marinara or vegan alfredo sauce, sauteed mushrooms, and fresh italian herbs; stuff cooked jumbo shells or similar pasta with the feta mixture, top with fresh tomato slices and more sauce, and bake until heated through. Sprinkle generously with fresh basil, to serve.

Pizza — goes perfectly with black olives, artichokes, sun-dried tomatoes, marinara sauce, and vegan parmesan or meltable mozzarella (from Vegan Artisan Cheese).

Bruschetta — toasted baguette rounds topped with olive tapanade, tofeta, chopped fresh tomato, and fresh herbs.

Pitas or wraps — stuff salad greens, falafel, slivered red onions, tofu feta, fresh tomatoes and a bit of hummus into your favorite pita or flatbread, for a delicious grab-and-go lunch.

What Else Can Tofeta Do?

If you find a delicious way to use it that I haven’t mentioned… please share below!

Image credit: Creative Commons photo by Vegan Feast Catering.

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