Organic Orange, Beet and Lemon Zest Salad with Delicious Toppings and Pairings

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Here is a scrumptious and healthy alkaline rich beet and orange salad with refreshing lemon zest and your choice of protein and toppings.

Try silky light tofu, or organic cottage cheese, crumbled feta, or plain. To top it off try fresh thyme or rosemary. I happen to have a blood orange I threw into the mix, so get creative and treat yourself to this healthy root vegetable and citrus salad.

Below is the recipe and an example menu to pair this nutritious side dish with.

Orange and beet salad includes:

  • Three organic beets, peeled, steamed, cooled and cubed.
  • Fresh organic oranges or blood oranges, peeled, and sliced small.
  • Lemon zest, thinly shaved for flavor and texture.
  • Optional toppings: Cheeses both non-dairy and dairy, soft tofu, fresh thyme, fresh rosemary (finely ground)

Suggested pairings:

  1. Drink: Fresh squeezed green juice, or organic wine made into homemade sangria (sliced apples, grapes, and berries)
  2. Starter: Sliced and roasted organic sweet potato slices with fresh sage sprigs
  3. Salad: Above beet, orange, lemon zest, and thyme salad
  4. Main Course: Sliced and baked on ginger and garlic, (with a dash of sea salt and cayenne) tempeh, tofu or your preferred protein source with sprouted salad and sliced tomatoes.

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