Fresh and Cool Organic Sprout Salad

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Are you looking to feel balanced inside? Perhaps you’ve tried eating alkaline and are looking for a new recipe.

Try this simple sprout recipe you can grow yourself! Try these Organic Sprouted Seed Kits.

Sprouts are one of the most natural and healthy foods for the body. Nourish yourself, and feel the difference. Most supplements for digestion, alkalinity, immunity, energy, and extra greens, include sprouts of some sort. Almost anything that is a seed may be sprouted. Beans are sprout-able too!

Keep reading for this easy recipe that may serve as a side dish, a larger salad or taco topping, or a mid day snack.

Below is a salad of:

  1. A half a cup homegrown tomatoes sliced and cubed.
  2. Mixed organic sprouts including:
  • organic alfalfa sprouts
  • organic collard sprouts
  • organic mustard sprouts
  • organic mizuna sprouts
  • organic celery sprouts
  • organic arugula sprouts
  • organic beet tops
  • organic broccoli sprouts
  • organic cabbage sprouts

3. A dash of cayenne pepper.

Optional: an organic lemon wedge.

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