Eight Foods for Healthy Skin

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As winter approaches, it’s a great time to explore ways to keep our skin hydrated and healthy during the harsh weather ahead. Here are some wonderful skin foods that will keep your face looking fresh and youthful this season:

  1. Lemon is purifying to the body and gives a lovely glow to the skin when consumed regularly with water (it may also help the body stay regular) or tea.
  2. Apples: Did you know that organic red delicious and granny smith apples are excellent for the skin? Scientific studies have shown them to fortify both collagen and elastin production. 
  3. Aloe is known to draw oxygen to the skin and lock it in. Aloe also has fantastic anti-inflammatory properties and it heals burns and wounds when applied topically. Aloe makes a wonderful refreshing juice that cleanses and purifies our inner systems. Regularly drinking aloe helps to keep the body hydrated, so if you drink coffee, which is known to dehydrate the skin, try drinking aloe juice to balance your system.
  4. Cucumber is a well-known classic. Try this skin refresher recipe I discovered at Lettus Cafe: juice cucumber, apple and strawberry, for a gorgeous outer glow. Cucumber also cools the delicate eye area so try placing a slice over each eye for a relaxing treat.
  5. Green Tea contains Camellia Sinesis (its plant of origin) which is rich in polyphenols. Polyphenols are compounds that demonstrate amazing healing properties, protect skin, help reverses damage and prevent oxidative stress. Drinking green tea regularly is one of the best ways to keep healthy, both inside and out.
  6. Pomegranate like green and white tea is full of polyphenols and contains ellagic acid known for anti-inflammatory and anti-bactrerial properties. Some have said pomegranete can ward off colds or shorted the duration. Try this delicious pomegranate tulsi tea from Organic India.
  7. White tea is one of the richest in cancer-fighting anti-oxidants in the world. It comes from the Camellia Sinensis plant just like green tea, however white tea leaves are harvested earlier in spring, air-dried and foregoe the heating process of green tea. Drink white tea to stay healthy and beautiful.
  8. Apricots help keep one youthful as they are known to be an anti-aging fruit. Carotenoids are antioxidants found in this fruit that protect the body. Apricots help give your skin that youthful glow, so snack on them often.

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5 thoughts on “Eight Foods for Healthy Skin”

  1. William ~ Good point and thanks for your comment. It all depends on where you live for sure. I am happy you brought this up as I was careful to mention a few foods that could be found dried, like apricots and teas. Organic lemon juice, aloe juice and pomegranate juice are all available on the shelves of most local natural food stores year round.

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  3. I’m too sensitive to lemons, I do enjoy fruits more than anything though.

    I google’d another list with more fruits that are good for the skin.

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