Vegetarian Cookbook Review: Food by Mary McCartney (plus recipes!)

Food: Vegetarian Home Cooking is a gorgeous compilation of photos and simple, vegetarian recipes. Whether you’ve been meat free for a long time or are just dipping a toe into plant-based fare, this book provides recipes and inspiration to get anyone excited about stepping into the kitchen.

Vegetarian Thanksgiving Recipes From Around the World

These ethnic vegetarian and vegan dishes are certain to spice up your Thanksgiving menu.

Top 10 Vegan and Vegetarian Fennel Recipes for Fall

Fennel has a pronounced anise flavor, but don’t let an aversion to black licorice keep you away from this fall treat. Once you give fennel a chance, you’ll find that this aromatic vegetable lends itself well to a diversity of fall dishes. Here are my top 10 favorites!

In Season Now: Asian Pears (plus vegetarian and vegan pear recipes!)

Asian pears taste similar to conventional European pears, but they’re crisp and juicy like apples. Try Asian pears in a creamy tempeh salad with wasabi dressing, as a quick pickle, or poach them for an elegant dessert. They’re in season now through winter!