Author: Stuart Stein

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Fried Rice for New Years

Many years ago I had the honor and privilege to both attend and actually “sous chef” for several master classes with the late, great Barbara Tropp. For those who don’t know, Barbara Tropp was the chef/owner of China Moon Cafe in San Francisco, a culinary teacher and the author of the best cookbook on Chinese […]

December 27th

Sprinkles with your Hypocrisy

The Portland Tribune reports that the city of Portland, Oregon plans to declare an “official city doughnut” this week. Mayor Tom Potter will introduce his official doughnut resolution, declaring Voodoo Doughnuts’ Portland Creme, a raised doughnut filled with cream and covered in chocolate with “two eyes”, during the City Council’s Christmas Eve day meeting. Potter’s […]

December 22nd

Obama’s “Kitchen Cabinet”

The San Francisco Chronicle today reports that President-elect Barack Obama received a letter from Alice Waters of Chez Panisse; volunteering her services – and those of Gourmet editor Ruth Reichl and New York Union Square restaurateur Danny Meyer – to be the first couple’s informal “kitchen cabinet” on all things culinary, from recommendations for a […]

December 11th

75 Years of Conspicuous Consumption

December 5th is Repeal Day. That day back in 1933 that ended those dark days of “The Great Experiment” that failed. For those who where sleeping during American History class, the Volstead Act was repealed by the Amendment XXI to the US Constitution: AMENDMENT XXIPassed by Congress February 20, 1933. Ratified December 5, 1933. Section 1. The […]

December 5th

Love Me Tender

What’s the best way to bring out the full flavor of meat? If you want to get those juices really flowing, you need to cook it long and slow, and with the temperature down low. Love Me Tender by Heston Blumenthal, The Guardian newspaper, November 24, 2001 Trust me, your patience will be rewarded. Besides, […]

December 4th

Copia Files for Chapter 11 Banckruptcy

According to the New York Times (NYT), the mess that is COPIA (offically the American Center for Food, Wine and the Arts), the ambitious Frankenstein’s monster in the heart of Napa that was founded in a large part from money donated by the late Robert Mondavi, finally filed for protection under Chapter 11 of the […]

December 2nd

A Green Christmas – Top Ten Sustainable Culinary Gifts

Brace yourself. It’s that time of year again. I love Christmas as much as the next guy. The lights, the color, the celebration, the sharing, and especially the eating and drinking. The spiritual side of Christmas often goes a little unnoticed amid the mad rush of present buying, decorating and food preparation. Many traditions have […]

November 28th

Wave Energy Development and Marine Reserves

I am a commissioner on the Oregon Dungeness Crab Commission, an industry-funded agency and part of the Oregon Department of Agriculture’s Commodity Commission Program. Among our other responsibilities to the fishing fleet, we have been charged with the enhancement of the image of the Dungeness crab industry, and to increase opportunities for profitability through promotion, […]

November 24th

Michael Pollan for Secretary of Agriculture

Brian Lehrer of the Brain Lehrer Show on WNYC Radio spoke with author and activist Michael Pollan (The Omnivore’s Dilemma, The Botany of Desire, In Defense of Food) about government agricultural policy. What can we do? There is an online petition to encourage President-elect Barack Obama to choose Mr. Pollan as the next U.S. Secretary of […]

November 18th

The Perfect Turkey

This may sound egotistical but I know a LOT more than you do about cooking a turkey. Allow me to explain… Back in 1999, when I was teaching at the California Culinary Academy, I was involved in both the cooking and the tasting of the San Francisco Chronicle Food section’s Turkey Challenge. Over a two […]

November 17th