Author name: Cate Nelson

I'm a mama of two young boys and a wonderful, early teen stepdaughter. We live in the shadow of the Blue Ridge Mountains in rural Virginia. We have a dozen Americana pullets and a rooster, and we're working toward a more sustainable lifestyle. It's awesome to watch my 4-year-old collect our hens' eggs! I love outdoor time with the kiddos, camping, reading, NPR, and writing.

Meat Eaters Get Dose of Fire Retardants With Their Grub

People are exposed to the fire retardants PBDEs from their furniture, electronics, and most plastic-containing household products. But now, a new study shows that we’re getting them in our food, too. And meat-eaters are especially susceptible. Environmental health researcher Alicia Fraser, of Boston University’s School of Public Health, warns us, The more meat you eat, …

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Got Allergies? Try Some GM Rice!

Have seasonal allergies? Just warm up some genetically modified rice for relief! Researchers at Japan’s National Institute for Agrobiological Sciences in Tsukubahope that you think this solution sounds simply delicious. They’ve developed a rice that could help alleviate the itchiness and watery eyes associated with hayfever. And after safety tests on macaques (monkeys), researchers are …

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