Author: Lyra & Jeremy Bloom

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Organic Farm Group Sues Monsanto, Seeking Protection From GMO Contamination

Acting on behalf of more than 50 organic farmers and seed dealers, the Public Patent Foundation (PUBPAT) has brought suit against biotech agricultur giant Monsanto.

It’s a preemptive suit, designed to ensure that Monsanto can’t sue the farmers and seed dealers once the inevitable happens and genetically modified (GMO) pollen contaminates their crops.

The USDA has recently approved GMO sugar beets and alfalfa; upwards of 90 percent of the US corn and soybean crop were already GMO.

March 30th

In Iowa, exposing animal cruelty could be a crime

People don’t like animal cruelty. And they sure don’t want to eat meat that comes from animals that have been subjected to inhumane and abusive treatment.

In Iowa, they’ve found a way to solve that problem: criminalize folks who expose cruel and inhumane animal treatment. Last week the state House of Representatives passed HF 589 (pdf), and it’s poised to pass the State Senate (as SF 431) as well.

March 29th

The trouble with Monsanto and GMO – a scientist spells it out

(Cross-posted from our sister blog, Red Green and Blue) We’ve been asked why we’re writing so much about Monsanto and genetically modified food. “It’s been tested,” they say. “It’s safe,” they say. “There’s nothing to fear. Why are you spreading disinformation?” I’m not a geneticist. If I say “We don’t know enough about the ramifications of GMO food,” I’m […]

February 1st