Author name: Steven Schmitt

I am pursuing a master's degree in journalism with the goal of writing sport history books and article series.

Pleasant Springs — An Old-Time Legacy for the future

The Journey As I drove out to Stolen Acres on a sun-splashed Saturday morning in November, I saw dormancy glitter all along County Trunk Highway N  in the township of Pleasant Springs.  The town takes pride in its local farming and rural character in an era of industrialized farming and subdivisions. My journey took me to a …

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A World of Cokes

            Coca-Cola has been a popular drug of choice for nearly 125 years. The famous beverage was born in 1886 in Georgia, the same as Tyrus Raymond Cobb of the .367 lifetime batting average who was one of the company’s first big investors.  Prohibition laws in Atlanta and Fulton County convinced John Pemberton …

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The Beans About Crisco

Soybean oil.  That’s it. That’s it? [social_buttons] Yes. After learning that Crisco got its name from crystallized cotton seed oil and waxing nostalgic about the big red-white-and-blue shortening can Mom used to keep in the cupboard for baking, I was shocked to find that a typical 32-ounce bottle of all-natural, cholesterol free Crisco Pure Vegetable …

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Ach, Henry!

Henry Albert Schroeder (1898-1967) must be rolling over in his grave at Kroghville Cemetery.  Either that, or he is about ready to come down from Heaven and give corporate farming hell, bringing with him the Clydesdales that once plowed his farm fields in the township of Pleasant Springs, 20 miles from Madison in eastern Dane …

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