Author: Mary Casper

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New Census Data Shows Greater Diversity in American Farming

Results of the 2007 Census released last week counted the 2,204,792 farms in the United States, a net increase of 75,810 farms since the last census in 2002. According to the results, farms started in the last five years have more diversified production, fewer acres, and younger operators who also work off-farm. Organic, value-added, and […]

February 11th

Full Sail Brewery: Sustainable Craft Beer Proves Class Act

With the ever increasing number of craft brews hitting shelves in recent years, choosing an ale can be a difficult decision. Each crafty label seems coded somehow to project the underlying character traits of the person indulging. Unibroue, for swarthy Francophiles. Brooklyn, for the hip crowd harkening their home borrough. New Belgium for outdoorsy sorts […]

February 6th

U.N. Declares Food Production Must Double by 2050

In a meeting to discuss food security, the head of the U.N. Food and Agriculture Organization Jacques Diouf announced another 40 million people globally were pushed into hunger in 2008. As population estimates project there will be nine billion people on the planet in 2050, Diouf says food production must double in order to address […]

February 4th

New Portable Farm Makes Most of Urban Gardening

Everyone knows the very tastiest tomatoes are homegrown, lovingly staked and watered at regular intervals until they’re big and red and ripe. Until recently, such simple pleasures were reserved for rural dwellers but the growing movement for urban farming is starting to change all that. While container gardens and green rooftops have made urban agriculture […]

February 3rd

New Way to Recycle Your Number 5 Plastic

Too many old yogurt containers concealing ancient leftovers in your refrigerator? Seems that we all have a stack of them cluttering the cabinets in our kitchen–the price we pay for enjoying yogurt, sour cream or anything that comes sold in those shiny Number 5 plastic containers and also having a conscience. Luckily Preserve, makers of […]

February 3rd

How to Handle the Peanut Butter Recall? Try Almond Butter Instead.

With each of the recent salmonella outbreaks, I seem to develop a mysterious, if wholly unfounded, distaste for the culprit in all its manifestations. When it was spinach, I switched my salad to Caesar and stocked up on romaine. Then with tomatoes, I let my sandwiches suffice with crunchy cucumber instead. Despite the guidelines that […]

January 28th