Author: Kim Ukura

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How Long Have We Known What To Eat?

Since 1917, the USDA has created a series of food guides to help people figure out what to eat. Over the years, this guide has included between four and seven different food groups, evolved from a list to a pyramid shape, and now can be customized to individual nutrition needs. Over the last few months […]

December 7th

Food Safety: Another Benefit of Healthy School Lunch Programs?

At the risk of sounding repetitive, I’d like to add to the growing list of the benefits for healthy school lunches and school lunch reform that we blogged about yesterday. On Tuesday, USA TODAY ran an investigative story about tainted school lunches that shows how safety lapses in food production or distribution can put children […]

November 20th

“Our Daily Bread” Uses Silence to Comment on Industrial Food

Last weekend Madison was host to Tales from Planet Earth, a local environmental film festival screening 50 films over three days. One film I saw was Our Daily Bread, a German film about the industrial food production and high-tech farming that managed to comment on the process without actually doing any talking. The image above, […]

November 11th

What are the Best Organic Fruits and Veggies?

One issue that’s come to my attention since I started thinking more about my food is the debate about organic foods — are they healthier, and is the cost worth the potential benefits? I’d love to buy organic food all the time, but it’s just not financially possible for me right now. That said, I […]

November 5th

Rooftop Community Garden Debated in Madison, WI

With seasons changing yet again, starting a garden might be the last thing on a person’s mind. Not so here in Madison, Wisconsin, where a local group is pushing for more community garden spaces in the downtown area. This isn’t especially newsworthy until you hear where they’re proposing to add the garden – the top […]

October 30th

School Lunch Reform and a Food Critic’s Take on Chicken Nuggets

Chicken nuggets. Taco salad. Pizza. Cartons of milk. Hot dogs. Mystery meat. These foods were all staples of my elementary and high school cafeterias, despite clear guidelines about the nutritional benefits for school meals. Efforts to reform school lunch got a boost Tuesday when Institute of Medicine of the National Academies released “School Meals: Building […]

October 21st

Pop Culture Foodies and “Guilt-Free” Eating

Last Wednesday, two of my favorite foodies were on tv doing a segment about “guilt free” eating. Using simple substitutions, I learned I can save more than 200 calories by switching my morning bagel to an English muffin with Laughing Cow low-calorie cheese spread and almost 1,000 calories by switching from fettuccine alfredo to tofu […]

October 14th

Seasonal Eating Help From the Vegetannual

I recently heard a claim that people of my generation (I’m 23-years-old) are so disconnected from the food system that we can’t identify the correct season for our fruits and vegetables. At first, I scoffed at this idea – of course I know when to eat plants, that’s easy! Turns out, I have no idea. […]

September 25th