Author name: Jigyasa Jyotika

Aloe vera on your skin, and in your teeth

Aloe Vera Plant (courtesy Aloe. The phrase “aloe vera” brings up the image of something soft and commercials that incessantly interrupt TV shows. While aloe is an ingredient many moisturizers boast of and can’t do without, the many healing powers of this plant remain largely unknown. The product can heal burns and cuts and …

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Anyone still have room for toxic mush?

Recently discovered: A toadstool that may take your biological amenities with it Unlike its name, most of the Amanita class of toadstools, provide you with no protein or other amenities. Instead the class bear the toxins that are responsible for more than 90 percent of mushroom-caused fatalities While mushrooms are a tasty protein-rich source and …

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Toxin in a Can

( As a food-borne disease, botulism has been eradicated from the United States for the most, but its dangers still lurk in home-processed foods, specially in canned foods. The disease is caused by a very potent toxin that attacks the nervous system, paralyzing its victim. Produced by the bacteria Clostridium botulinum, the toxin kills by …

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