Author: Carla Wise

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School Lunches 3: An Inspiration and a Goodbye.

Seems like all the good food stories I find start with an amazingly dedicated person. Someone who decides to work on making things better, often as a volunteer. Someone with unusual passion and skill. The story I want to leave you with today probably started that way too, but I don’t know that for certain. […]

June 12th

Good, Clean, Fair Food on the Web

For someone who loves information, the internet can be both a wonderful temptation and and a hopeless disappointment. The good, the bad, the well-researched and the total garbage all sit side-by-side out there in cyberspace. Information on food and farming is plentiful, but not all of it is accurate, informative, or useful. One site that […]

May 30th

Better Banana Smoothies help with Spring Fever

I’m here to promote better eating. Not perfect eating, just better eating. I try to buy as much locally-grown organic food as possible, but winter season is humbling. Months of cold gray skies and fewer and fewer local fruits and vegetables make those imported bananas look awfully good. While bananas will never be locally grown […]

April 4th

If Things Fall Apart, What Will You Eat?

Maybe we really have reached our limits. David Korten, author, lecturer, and founder of Yes magazine, believes we have. He believes that climate change, peak oil, and the meltdown of the U.S. dollar are all symptoms of the impending fall of our modern, globalized way of life. And he has a point. The stock market […]

March 21st

Food Facts: Milk Labels, Choices, and rBGH

Milk is big in our house. We eat ice cream, butter, cheese, and yogurt. I love my morning coffee with just enough half-and-half to turn it a lovely shade of caramel. My daughter drinks milk with lunch and dinner. When you factor in the pizza with mozzarella and the breakfast cereal, hardly a meal goes […]

March 13th