Food News from the Pasta Wars: Barilla’s Anti-Gay Comments Turn Spaghetti Political

Food and politics go together like pasta and sauce — food choices always reflect the culture, background, and social values of the person making them. In fascinating food news developments this week, for at least the second time in recent memory a major food manufacturer is learning the hard way that homophobia just isn’t as popular as it used to be. Barilla chairman’s anti-gay comments spark outrage and trigger boycotts, as the pasta controversy reaches a rolling boil on the conscious consumerism scene.

10 Techniques Every Cook Should Know Redux, #10 – #6

Amanda Gold, a staff writer for the San Francisco Chronicle, recently came out with 10 techniques every cook should know: Breading Browning/searing Dicing an onion Folding Making pan sauce Rolling out pie crust Making a roux Segmenting citrus Tempering Making a vinaigrette She said, “Mastering these will ease everyday kitchen chores and help you tackle …

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