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Stop Food Waste. Value Food More.

Sustainable America just launched a new initiative to reduce food waste: I Value Food. It’s a movement designed to provide a fresh look at food waste’s impact and how we can reduce our food waste footprint.

Creative Uses for Leftovers, Courtesy of Chopped

Food Network’s television series Chopped pits four chefs against each other. With limited time, the chefs must use a set of mystery ingredients to prepare a single course, which is then judged by a panel for creativity, taste, and presentation. In a recent episode, the ingredients were all leftovers.

Waste Not: Extend The Usefulness Of Old Bread

One of the many food products I waste too often is bread. I’ll buy a baguette and use half of it, leaving the remains until they’re too hard to chew. I’ll bake fresh bread and let a third of it get soft and stale (which really annoys me). Even a store-bought loaf of bread often languishes in the bread box until it’s far past its sell-by date. This frustrates me, because I love bread!

Leftover Rice Salad (vegan recipe!)

Whether you ordered Chinese delivery or just overestimated how much rice you needed with your meal, that leftover rice is a great base for a simple lunchtime salad. This dish is super duper flexible. Feel free to leave out or add pretty much anything that strikes your fancy!

Weekend Cooking for Week Long Eats

Sometimes, after a long day of work, the last thing you want to do is start cooking a meal from scratch. I love to cook, but there are evenings where I just can’t face standing at the cutting board prepping a meal. Rather than setting yourself up to give in and order take-out, why not do some weekend meal prep and start the week out right?

Leftovers: 8 Tips for Safe Reheating

The summer season provides us with bountiful farmer’s markets and overflowing gardens. An easy way to save food dollars is to cook in batches. You can pre-portion meal servings and refrigerate/freeze them for later. Leftovers make for easy lunch planning and are a life saver when you have no time to make dinner. Remember these eight tips when enjoying your leftovers.