What is Sustainable Food? Learn from some Green Teens.

What is sustainable food? I’ve been writing about good eating for awhile, but I still have to ponder its meaning. Here’s what a group of green teens think.

Take Two Minutes To Help End Food Waste!

Americans waste 40% of the food we produce. So an EPA task force developed a toolkit to help us waste less. Will you add your voice to support it?

Three Entrepreneurial Companies Tackle Food Waste

We’ve shared the scary food waste statistics. Here are three entrepreneurial companies with creative approaches to addressing this ridiculous, yet serious, issue.

Ecovore Resolutions: New Food for a New Year

The beginning of a fresh new year is a perfect time to consider what we eat and why– and to embrace new food choices celebrating health, sustainability, and compassion. If these are things you value, I encourage you to consider joining the growing ranks of the ecovores. It’s a healthy, satisfying, and joyful way to eat!

Eating Fresh, Local Food Direct Through Community Supported Agriculture

If you’re looking to eat amazingly fresh food, support local farmers, and live a more sustainable lifestyle, then consider investing in a farm share. Also known as Community Supported Agriculture (or CSA), farm sharing has become an increasingly common option for consumers to purchase food directly from a local farm.

Wal-Mart to Make Food Healthier and Healthy Food Affordable

Wal-Mart announced their intentions this morning to make food healthier and to make healthy food affordable. Working with First Lady Michelle Obama’s Let’s Move initiative, Wal-Mart will increase accessibility to healthy foods through lower prices, location of stores, and better nutrition in popular packaged items.

Seasonal Foods: 5 Best Winter Vegetables

Winter veggies usually get short shrift, but there are many reasons to savor them. They add loads of vitamins and nutrients to our diets, do wonders for our immunity, and [ … ]

Urban Farming Reimagined: Who Wants a Growbot?

Urban farming has been reimagined with Cityblooms’ lightweight, modular, hydroponic micro-farms. They call them “growbots,” and they’re remarkably cool.

Why Palm Oil is a Problem for People & Planet

Palm oil is found in everything from vegan butter to shampoo, and it has devastating consequences for people and planet. Learn why palm oil is a problem, and find out which companies are making commitments to more sustainable palm oil production.