Author: Marygrace Stergakos

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Meatless Monday, On a Friday: 8 Vegan BBQ Ideas

It might not be Monday, but that doesn’t mean you can’t sneak in some meat-free, carbon friendly eats at your weekend barbecues!  While burgers and hot dogs might be traditional, they’re certainly not doing the environment–or your health–any favors.  Why not surprise your hosts or guests by providing some unexpected and delicious vegan options at […]

Meatless Monday: 10 Vegan Breakfast Ideas

Vegetarian breakfasts are easy: Greek yogurt sprinkled with granola, scrambled eggs, pancakes, French toast… The list goes on forever.  While I wouldn’t say that vegan breakfasts, on the other hand, are challenging, its certainly a good opportunity to think outside the box.  Unless of course, you don’t mind cereal with soymilk every morning for the […]

Meatless Monday: 8 Meat-Free Sandwich Ideas

During my first year of being vegan, I didn’t really know what to eat.  The fact that I was a teenager who had never learned to prepare anything more complicated than a bowl of cereal probably didn’t help much, but suffice it to say that twelve months involved a steep culinary learning curve.  I ate […]

April 27th

Weekend Adventure: Forage for Stinging Nettles!

I know I’m not the only foodie who has started developing an interest in foraging for wild edibles.  While I’d really love to go on a mushroom hunt (morel season is nearly upon us!), I wouldn’t feel comfortable doing so unless under the guidance of an experienced forager, as novices can easily misidentify mushroom species […]

How to Cure Common Ailments With Peppermint

I’m not a fan of most conventional medications.  No matter how bad an occasional headache might get, you’ll never find me reaching for a bottle of Excedrin.  The same goes for an upset stomach–I’d rather just ride it out than chug Pepto Bismol or chew those  chalky tablets.  Chest cold?  Call me Superwoman, but I’ll […]

March 19th