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Edible Landscapes Transform a Town

Pam Warhurst calls it “propaganda gardening.” Warhurst co-founded the group Incredible Edible in the little English town of Todmorden to promote eating healthy fruits and vegetables and growing food locally.

Plan an Edible Gardens Tour

Seasoned gardeners know that besides getting your hands in the dirt, the best way to learn about gardening is from other gardeners. This summer, consider going on an edible gardens tour, even if you have to organize it yourself. Here’s how…

Fava Bean Spring Salad

Tender spring fava beans are wonderfully buttery – we grow them every year and watch the pods swell with great anticipation. In our family, the favorite way to eat them is to make a simple but delicious warm salad with a lemony dressing.

Spring Artichoke Salad

If you can’t grow your own artichokes, look for very fresh, young artichokes to make this raw artichoke salad. It will surprise you with its delicate nutty flavor.

Gardening with Greywater

If you believe in the responsible use of precious resources, namely water, then you’ll agree that recycling home greywater for landscaping makes lots of sense. Here are the basics you need to know.

How to Grow and Transplant Your Seedlings

So you’ve started your seeds indoors to get a jump on spring, and like magic they are beginning to grow. Now you’ve got seedlings. The excitement of having grown your own starts for your vegetable garden can turn into panic if it is still too cold to plant them in the garden…

Edible Landscaping Your Front Yard

Spring is just ahead and it’s the perfect time for bold action: adding edibles to your suburban front yard. If you have a conventionally landscaped front yard and you aren’t sure how to begin, here are some ideas to help you get started.