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Urban Gardening: St. Louis Sweetens the Pot(ato)

On May 23rd, The Sweet Potato Project will be hosting a fundraiser to garner awareness and hopefully monetary donations to get the project off the ground. If kids can learn skills that keep them busy and have long-reaching effects, perhaps the betterment of urban areas nationwide is only a yam away.

Vegan Sweet Potato Blondies

Yesterday I wrote a request for your favorite vegan cookie recipes and pointed you towards one of my favorites: gourmet carrot cookies. Here’s another one of my favorite vegan cookie [ … ]

Mashed Sweet Potatoes

It’s sweet potato central here at my house now that they’re in the farmers market. But while sweet potatoes are very nutritious, they also have that sweet flavor that can [ … ]

Sweet Potatoes and Cherry Tomatoes

Sweet potatoes are just starting to show up at my local farmers market. The first sweet potatoes of the season are not as sweet as those that come later. Farmers [ … ]