Author: Kelli Best-Oliver

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Thrifty Thursdays: Save Those Seeds

For this week’s Thrifty Thursday, the title is not referring to saving seeds for planting (which is an entirely thrifty activity for those of us that garden).  Nope, I’m talking about the seeds that come inside those tasty winter squash, especially butternut squash and pumpkins. They make a tasty, fiber-filled, mineral-rich snack and are infinitely […]

October 23rd

Forget Hershey’s: Three Tips for Better Chocolate

Hershey’s, in an attempt to counter rising food costs, has replaced the cocoa butter in many of its candies with vegetable oil, effectively changing their product from “milk chocolate” to “chocolate candy”.  Cocoa butter is the ingredient that gives milk chocolate it’s creamy mouthfeel, and it will be noticably absent from Whachamacalits, Mr. Goodbars, Milk […]

September 29th

Thrifty Thursdays: Save Bucks on a Bird

Sorry, vegetarian and vegan Eat Drink Better readers.  This tip is for the omnis! We recently made the move from a vegetarian kitchen to a sometimes-omnivorous kitchen.  Without getting into the nuances of both my husband and my’s food preferences, we’re more likely to eat at home if I cook meat sometimes, and I’d rather […]

September 25th

Have You Had The Vegetarian 100?

Have you seen those food memes making the rounds of the blogosphere? A meme is kind of a “tag-you’re-it” of the blog world.  Someone posts about something, then links to a few other bloggers they know, who are then tagged to do the same thing.  It’s usually a list of questions to answer or a […]

September 24th

Easy Tomato Shallot Soup Recipe

After reading Robin’s post last week on easy weeknight meals, I was craving that comfort food classic, tomato soup and grilled cheese.  I’ve been eating it in various incantations since I was tiny, and I wanted a refined, yet simple version of soup.  I looked through several cookbooks for a filling soup that only required […]

September 23rd

Stumped for Dinner Ideas? Try These Four Websites

Sometimes when I think about what to cook for dinner, my brain hurts.  There are just too many factors to consider, including:  what’s in the pantry, what I feel like, what needs to be used up, what my picky husband will actually touch, what I would actually prefer.  This is a result of living in […]

September 18th

Garden Recipes: Slow Roasted Tomato Sauce

Got tomatoes? Looking for a simple, delicious way to use those?  Because we planted somewhat late, we’re at the peak of our tomato harvest, and last night I made my first pasta sauce from scratch from slow-roasted plum tomatoes fresh from the garden. Slow-roasting concentrates the sweet flavor of the tomatoes, transforming them into an […]

September 16th

Eating On $1 A Day: Couple Lives Food Experiment

I am totally fascinated and intrigued by lifestyle projects–you know, when someone radically changes their lifestyle for a set amount of time to make a point about something we might take for granted.  I loved Morgan Spurlock’s Super-Size Me and 30 Days.  I obsessively read No-Impact Man.  Now, Kerri and Chris, two social justice teachers […]

September 15th

And The Winner Is…

Thanks to all those who entered our stainless-steel food carrier giveaway.  We had many comments detailing delicious lunches you choose to pack to school or work, most of which made my mouth water! To pick the winner, we numbered the comments, starting with the Eat Drink Better comments (Shane Neuerburg being #1), then continuing to […]

September 12th