Why They’re Called Heirloom Seeds, and Why You Want Them

I’m embarrassed to admit it, but I had no idea what made ‘heirloom’ seeds special (I just thought they were fancy tomatoes). It turns out, most of the commercially available seeds sold at big box hardware and grocery stores are infertile. They’re designed to be infertile so that you – budding farmer that you are – won’t be able to breed your own seeds and grow your own farm. That’s where heirloom seeds come in!

How To Profit From The Global Food Shortage

Yet again, I came across an alarming headline: 9 Agriculture Stocks to Profit from Global Food Shortage Really? It must be a satire, I thought. But sadly, no. The website has posted a no-joke analysis of how to profit from the tragic global food shortage. The article suggests that companies dealing in fertilizers, grains/trading, seeds/chemicals, and …

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