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Eating Vegan: Indulgent Vegan Sausage Gravy

Before I found my joyful vegan groove, I used to love traditional Southern biscuits-and-gravy. So whenever I have time to tinker up an indulgent late breakfast or family brunch, this gravy always appears on the menu. It tickles my taste buds and makes me sigh with happiness — and with no need to chop anyone up (except maybe the biscuit)!

Eating Vegan: 10 Brunch Ideas

There’s something special about making brunch. Usually, a brunchy day is one where we slept in and maybe friends or family are joining us for a low-key time with food, coffee, and catching up.

A lot of traditional brunch dishes call for eggs, cheese, and meat, but there are lots of tasty vegan brunch foods out there! These are some of my favorites.

Mother’s Day Breakfast Recipes

My day never begins with a leisurely breakfast in bed. Likely because my spouse is not a morning person, and the only other morning person around is under four, and [ … ]