Author: Beth Bader

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All I Want for Christmas is A James Beard Award

Well, guess that’s a lot to ask since I have not published a book yet. I’ll ask Santa for that one next year. I don’t think I stand a chance up against Cindy Mushet’s Art and Soul of Baking, a 2009 International Association of Culinary Professionals Award Winner and nominated for the 2009 James Beard […]

December 14th

Forgiveness for a Better Future?

This thought-provoking essay was posted on December 3, by Christopher Bedford of The Center for Economic Security, to a sustainable food email group. I found it compelling as one of those defining moral questions: Can we move past the sins of Big Ag and work for a better future? Could I do this, let alone […]

December 9th

Lunchbox Blahs? Go Global with Vegan Lunchbox Around the World

“Mom, I’m tired of the same thing every day.” My kid is in pre-school. Clearly I have hit a rut with lunch box creativity when the single-least adventurous eating demographic is griping. Must be time for some inspiration. Or just more time. Packing lunches is tough, to get specifically “lunch” items, it means adding a […]

November 3rd

Organic Marin

The September issue of the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition will publish a widely distributed study that contradicts previous research pointing to health benefits of organic over conventional. The release of the study findings made headlines across major news sources such as CNN and UK news outlets like The Independent and Daily Mail. So, is […]

August 23rd

Top Chef Season Six Interview: Chef Preeti Mistry

The next season of Top Chef may just be a little greener when it premieres on August 19 as Chef Preeti Mistry brings a sustainable approach along with her knives Chef Preeti Mistry runs Charlie’s Café at Google in her job as an Executive Chef for Bon Appétit Management Company. An average day on her […]

August 19th

Getting Greener with America’s Best BBQ

I come from a “barbecue town.” Correction, I come from, arguably, The Barbecue Capital of the Free World. This is, of course, Kansas City. Now, all of you in Memphis can protest along with the Brisket Brigade from Texas. But, there it is. I’ve thrown down the grill mitt. Because of my location, I can […]

July 31st

Mid-Week Food Fun

Are you are a blues fan, dig eclectic jazz, or have your iPod memory maxed out? Like food? Ever notice how many songs have food metaphors in them? Ready to play on a Wednesday? This quick little quiz will see if you can name the song and band for each of these lyrics that include […]

July 22nd

Cooking Green: How to Reduce Your “Cookprint”

Move over, Eat Local. Kate Heyhoe challenges us to reduce our other food-related carbon footprint — our “cookprint.” Heyhoe’s latest book, Cooking Green, is based on the idea that how we cook can make as much an environmental difference as what we cook. The book covers many of the current issues like food choices, food […]

May 18th

Local Food Movement: Are We There Yet?

Sitting across the breakfast table, and the world’s biggest pancakes ever, from Jeff at Sustainablog, we both nod our heads in an observation — green is only going to work if it goes mainstream, becomes normal. An every day thing. Does that mean my tenure is done as a local food activist and writer? Well, […]

April 13th

Vegan Soul Kitchen

Just to be transparent here, I am not a vegan. This doesn’t stop me from exploring Bryant Terry’s latest book, Vegan Soul Kitchen. I like the earthy blend of soul food traditions that Terry creates so well for this book. The twist, of course, is that the collard green recipe doesn’t call for bacon — […]

April 9th

Act Now to Make School Lunches Better

No. You don’t have to don a hair net and slop “taco pie” onto plates yourself. But you can take some steps to replace that taco pie with a salad bar of local veggies and grassfed meat. But you have to act fast. The current stimulus plan allows funding for reform of the Child Nutrition […]

March 26th