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Innovation of the Week: Gathering the Food Growing at our Feet

After many years of studying invasive plant species in Patagonia, Argentina, Dr. Eduardo Rapoport, Professor at the Universidad Nacional Del Camohue, realized that many of the β€œpests” he was cataloging were edible. As a result, Dr. Rapoport found himself looking at these β€œpests, invaders, and weeds,” in a very different light.

Global Warming Endangers Coffee Crops

Coffee crops require pretty specific conditions to thrive, and warmer temperatures are endangering the plants in major growing regions. Increased temperatures are also helping a troublesome coffee pest thrive.

Pest Control in the Organic Garden

You’ve worked hard getting that garden planted and tending it with care, but inevitably nature takes its course and the bugs find those veggies. Is it any surprise they’d want [ … ]