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Food Choices: Take Control of the Way You Feel

Lately, the stress at work has been really getting to me, and it was starting to affect my life and relationships outside of work with friends and family. I decided I had to clean up my act. I also knew my time was limited so I decided to start with an area I could have the most impact on quickly. I chose to focus on my food choices – we eat every day, so it must have some power over how I was feeling.

It turns out that focusing on food choices was one of my most brilliant insights ever.

Study Finds Hopeful People Eat Better

A new study finds that people who are hopeful choose healthier foods than those who are happy. How can this be? I’m no scientist, but when I’m in a good mood I tend to want to do goodβ€”for my body, my mind, and everyone I meet on the street. Either my symptoms are atypical, or I’m just not paying attention.