5 Solutions for Healthy School Lunches

As summer comes to an end, school is just around the corner for children across the United States. For children enrolled in state schools, this typically means the return of unhealthy lunches that are best described as fast food: hamburgers, chicken nuggets, fried snacks, and sugary soft drinks. Yet school lunch programs can play a key role in reinforcing healthy eating behaviors by integrating such measures as school gardens, nutrition education, locally sourced organic food, and efforts that affirm the value of mealtimes.

Happy Meal Change: The Healthier Happy Meal

McDonald’s announced they are changing up their Happy Meals to make them healthier. Apples will be added to the Happy Meal and the portion of fries will shrink. How will this affect the nutrition of the Happy Meal and will it improve the Happy Meal enough to get around the toy bans?

Environmental Public Health Collection – Free Online Resource

WGBH Boston has put together a collection of environmental public health resources. More than 4000 topics are available in their free online library with more than sixty environmental health resources organized into easy-to-use lessons. Each lesson contains a video or an interactive program, a background essay, three or four discussion questions, and links for further …

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Teenage Farmworker Death Requires Justice & Change

I’ve covered the horrendous topic of child labor on farms in the U.S. in the past, as well as Stephen Colbert’s testimony to Congress on immigrant farmworkers in which he almost broke into tears. Now, I’m bringing to you the story of one young farmworker’s death in California, the fight for justice in this case, …

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