Too Much Produce? Learn To Preserve Your Bounty Through Two Community Events

I’m fascinated by folks who can can. No, silly β€” not people who dance in spicy Parisian dance halls. I’m talking about folks who can can β€” jar, put up, preserve β€” fresh food for later. But I’m a bit fearful of preserving the fresh cucumbers that fill my crisper drawer. Do I know enough about food safety? What if my pickled treasures contaminate loved ones? Yikes! I need a mentor. Fortunately, help is around the corner with two upcoming “we can help you learn to preserve” events.

Spotted: Excellent Pickling Video

Are you loving the late spring and early summer bounty of local produce lately? Our CSA baskets are brimming with goodies, and sometimes I can’t even figure out how to cook them all before they start to turn! Pickling is one great way to extend the life of your fresh veggies (and sometimes even fruits!) so you can enjoy them later on in the season or even over fall and winter when those fresh warm-weather veggies are out of season.

We’re Jammin’: Jam Recipe Roundup

Can you believe that summer is almost over? I’m trying to cherish the lazy days, warm weather, and bounty of summer produce. Of course, you can make that summer fruit last into the winter by preserving the harvest with some jam recipes! Here are some tasty ones to get you going:

Independence Days: Four Ways This New Book Revolutionizes Home Food Preservation

My bookshelves creak with the weight of my amassed food preservation resource collection.Β  As we grow over 70 percent of our food needs on our Wisconsin farm and B&B, Inn Serendipity, the how-to behind stocking up has always been area of personal, passionate research. But as you can see, I’m already overloaded with info.Β  Do …

Independence Days: Four Ways This New Book Revolutionizes Home Food Preservation Read More πŸ‘‰

Five Ways to Preserve the Summer Harvest

It’s easy enough to eat local in spring and summer. Your garden is booming, CSA’s are in full effect, and farmers markets abound! So how can you make that bounty last into the winter, when fresh produce is a little more scarce? Here are some DIY solutions!

Free Online Home Canning Course

The National Center for Home Food Preservation is offering a free, online, at-your-own-pace course in home food preservation through the Universtiy of Georgia.Β  Topics include: Introduction to Food Preservation General Canning Canning Acid Foods Canning Low-Acid Foods For more details or to register, visit Preserving Food at Home: A Self-Study. More about home food preservation: …

Free Online Home Canning Course Read More πŸ‘‰

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