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Would You Dumpster Dive for Food?

Many dumpster divers utilize urban foraging as a sort of protest against the established corporate food system and as a means to eliminate unnecessary waste. Basically, it is the practice of sifting through trash (mostly commercial, sometimes residential) in search of salvageable food, clothing, and other discarded, but still useful, items. Dumpster diving is an intentional action against a materialistic and wasteful society.

Eat Healthy, Even on a Budget

Lets face it; we all cut back on β€˜healthy’ foods when we don’t have money in the bank. Our priorities are kids, gas, rent, bills, pets and survival, not healthy food. As a vegetarian on a limited income I’ve had to come up with new ways to be healthy and eat well. What can you do when your budget can only cover ramen noodles, mustard and peanut butter?

Eat Better on a Budget

Healthy eats are important, but sometimes it can feel like our budgets get in the way of our best intentions. When money’s tight, it seems like food is one of the first places a lot of folks cut back.

Luckily, healthy food doesn’t have to be expensive!