What’s in Subway Avocado? [updated]

An avocado option would really turn a veggie sub into a more filling sandwich, but I was wary, since fast food joints love additives that often include animal ingredients. When I got home from my trip, I checked it out on Subway’s website, and lo and behold: the avocado is just….avocado! Here’s a screenshot from their ingredients list (pdf):

5 Vegan Cocktails for Your New Year’s Party

Wait…vegan cocktails? Sure, your regular gin and tonic is going to be vegan, but around the holidays, things tend to get a little bit more elaborate and you’d be surprised at how many hoilday libations feature milk and even eggs. Don’t you fret, though! There are easy peasy ways to veganize even the most fancy pants holiday beverage.

This is What Processed Meat Would Look Like Unprocessed

Here’s the number one problem with processed food: it’s so processed that we can’t really identify its origins. Especially when we’re talking about processed meat, which is pretty darn gnarly. Photographer Peter Augustus just changed all that.

Cross-Country Vegan: 10 Tips for Eating Well on the Road (with Tailgate-Chef Thai Noodle Recipe)

I love road trips! But I don’t love fast food, gas-station junk, or being hungry. Traveling through our fast-food nation can be challenging for real-food whole-food vegan-food enthusiasts; but with a bit of forethought and planning, eating well on the road can be quick, easy, and delicious!

Kid-Friendly Vegan Recipe: Hearty Homestyle Spaghetti

Sleepovers, play-dates, or newly vegan family habits can pose challenges for cooks with young children. Or maybe you’re not vegan (yet!), but would like to find ways to get more healthy vegetable-based foods into your favorite itty-bitty human. This recipe packs a great nutritional punch without the animal junk, in a tasty noodly kid-friendly package!