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Plastics and Their True Impact

Plastic might seem like more of a general environmental issue than a food-specific issue, but because of the large amounts of plastics involved in food, from packaging to cooking and storage, our food and drink choices directly relate to our plastic consumption.

Plastic Free Cooking and Food Storage

When you use plastics in your kitchen there is potential for these chemicals to leach into your food – the same food you have taken considerable care to ensure is the healthiest option for your family. Our recommendation is to keep plastics out of the kitchen, and the great news is there are many safe non-plastic alternatives and ways to easily avoid plastic in the kitchen.

Living Plastic Free: Nine Ways to Reduce Plastic Use

After spending most of February participating in Rodale.com’s Plastic-Free February, I’ve come to the realization that reducing plastic use is very difficult. I thought it would just be a little inconvenient. Instead, I found that it’s nearly impossible.

Plastic-Free February, Day 9

I’ve done a little grocery shopping since I started plastic-free February, but only for things we run out of quickly. I’m dreading my first serious trip to restock the pantry.

Plastic-Free February, Day 5

Plastic-Free February continues with just one small slip-up – or maybe a whole bunch. I need an organic chemist on call to figure out what exactly is plastic and what is not.