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Blog Action Day: Water Posts from Across the Network

Last Friday was Blog Action Day, where bloggers across the Internet pull together to raise awareness about one issue. This year’s topic was water, which is important in so many different ways. Several sites on the Important Media network participated, so we thought it might be fun to round up all of the posts from across the network in an Important Media Blog Action Day Carnival!

Here are the posts, grouped by site.

October 18th

A Case Against Bottled Water (Infographic)

It’s definitely healthy to drink more water, but that doesn’t have to mean buying plastic bottles of fancy water that’s shipped all over the world. Not only do these little bottles have a huge carbon footprint, they’re not healthy for us and they often represent violations of someone else’s right to water. Marketers spend a […]

July 30th

Study Finds Fish Are Tainted With Array of Drugs

A recent study funded by the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) found fish caught downstream of wastewater treatment plants in five US cities had detectable amounts of pharmaceutical drug residues in their bodies. Fish caught downstream from wastewater treatment plans in Chicago, Dallas, Phoenix, Philadelphia, and Orlando were found to have residues from drugs designed to […]

March 26th