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Pro Bottled Water Group Targets Teens

Are you familiar with the International Bottled Water Association (IBWA)? They’re a trade association focused on defending the bottled water industry. Chances are, when we post about taking back the tap, someone from IBWA is ready with a pro-bottled water comment.

IBWA’s new campaign targets teens with a video featuring a teenage girl deriding the Take Back the Tap movement as a group who wants to limit beverage choices.

September 8th

Natural Gas Exploration Threatens Clean Water

Natural gas gets a lot of buzz these days as a clean alternative to oil. Unfortunately, while it may be a clean-burning fuel, a popular new extraction method is causing horrible water pollution in areas near drill sites. Residents in areas near fracking sites have been able to set their tap water on fire. The […]

August 9th

A Case Against Bottled Water (Infographic)

It’s definitely healthy to drink more water, but that doesn’t have to mean buying plastic bottles of fancy water that’s shipped all over the world. Not only do these little bottles have a huge carbon footprint, they’re not healthy for us and they often represent violations of someone else’s right to water. Marketers spend a […]

July 30th