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Pro Bottled Water Group Targets Teens

Are you familiar with the International Bottled Water Association (IBWA)? They’re a trade association focused on defending the bottled water industry. Chances are, when we post about taking back the tap, someone from IBWA is ready with a pro-bottled water comment.

IBWA’s new campaign targets teens with a video featuring a teenage girl deriding the Take Back the Tap movement as a group who wants to limit beverage choices.

September 8th

Help Families Get Access to Clean Water

Imagine turning on the tap and having nothing come out. Now, imagine having no tap at all. For so many families, clean water is a luxury. Women walk miles every day to gather water for their families to drink and use for cooking. We’re so fortunate to have ready access to water that it’s easy […]

August 31st

Why Most Food Could Never Be “Local”

[social_buttons] Eating “Local Food” is an appealing ideal in theory, but it runs into several “reality issues.”  As much as people might want locally produced food, there are practical issues of land availability, land costs, grower economics, water availability, and climate which sharply restrict the range of foods that could ever be practically grown as […]

February 12th

Food Waste Equals Water Waste

I hate throwing anything away, especially food, and every time I do, I remind myself that there are starving people in the world and that I should be a little more conscientious. Apparently I should also be reminding myself that there are thirsty people in the world. An article on the Environmental News Network recently […]

September 2nd