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Slow Gifts For Your Drinker – All Under $40

Last year I had a great time putting together a Slow Wine Gifts Under $40. But, this holiday season I’m shaking it up a bit. I’m still keeping things slow this year, but this year I’ve expanded to include a variety of handcrafted “slow” drink gifts – and still all under 40 clams. Here are […]

December 18th

Local Spirits: Rise of the Conscious Cocktail

I’m feeling a little guilty about my posting last week, When Life Gives You Raspberries, Add Vodka. No guilt on the idea of blending raspberries and vodka, it’s just I recommended “cheap vodka” as an ingredient for the Raspberry Cordial recipe. Shame on me. There’s no point in praising the glories of local, organic raspberries […]

October 8th

Eco Vodka: Organic and Sustainable Spirits

360, Square One, Purus, Sunshine, Fourteen, UK5, Ocean, CapRock, Prairie, Crop, and Rain. Not all household names when thinking about a vodka martini- yet. While organic and biodynamic wines have been around for decades, organic and sustainable spirits have just started to come on board.

August 22nd