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Processed vegetarian foods: No more eco-friendly than meat

I’ve known many vegetarians and vegans that subsist on processed foods. Giving up meat doesn’t necessarily make it easier to avoid the pitfalls of the Western diet, after all. Frozen veggie burgers, “chicken-less” nuggets, soy cheese, and seitan sausages often seem more convenient than cooking a meal of plants, grains, and beans. But given that […]

July 26th

New Study: Vegetarians Are Happier

Want to improve your mental health? A new study finds that going vegetarian is one way to do so. A new study out by researchers from Arizona State University finds that vegetarians have significantly less “negative emotion” than omnivores, according to two different scoring procedures. The study is titled “Vegetarian diets are associated with healthy […]

July 1st

Environmental Impact of Eating Meat

New United Nation Food and Agriculture report tells us again that eating meat has perhaps the largest negative environmental impact of any human action. And more than half of the world’s crops are fed to animals. I’ve written on the relationship between eating meat (or being vegetarian) and the environment extensively before. However, there is […]

June 24th

Anyone Want Some Horse Meat?

The US essentially pulled the plug on the killing of horses for human consumption a few years ago. Movement in a few states may be bringing it back, though, if Willie Nelson and others can’t persuade Congress to ban it completely. The title above probably makes most of you (vegetarian or not) grimace or say: […]

April 30th