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Vegan Product Review: Sheese’s Non-Dairy Blue Cheese (a.k.a 5-Star Delicious Item!)

When I went vegan, I was excited to find so many excellent recipes for nondairy cheese and cheesy sauces. I was tickled to be ‘off the (cow) sauce,’ and never looked back! The one bump in my vegan cheese exploration: I never did come across a nondairy blue cheese recipe that rang my bell, and so contented myself with other types of cheesy nom. BUT NOW! OMG, after tasting Non-Dairy Blue-Style Sheese, I’ve concluded that there is officially no cheese that can’t be deliciously veganized. If you like both blue cheese and cruelty-free dining, this stuff will make you swoon!

August 8th

Vegan Recipe: Herbed Tofu Feta

I admit it: I’m a tofiend! I also used to be a feta fiend, before I understood the scale and scope of the animal cruelty inherent in dairy production (and how weird it was for a grown mammal like me to be unweaned). Now tofu feta tops my list of salad staples! I finally standardized my tofeta technique, resulting from extensive and enthusiastic R-&-D activities. Enjoy!

March 8th

Vegan “Parmesan Cheese”

Raw food rocks (oh, and its good for you too).  Our household isn’t vegan, but we do have dairy allergies so we find ourselves looking for many vegan alternatives for our favorite foods. Cheese is one of them!  Here’s a super simple Raw Parmesan Cheese recipe.  It can be used as a sauce or dehydrated […]

July 28th