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UK Launches Plan to Attract Youth To Farming

Anticipating a need to fill thousands of high-skilled posts in farming and other related industries such as engineering and science in the coming years, DEFRA, the UK government department responsible for policy and regulations on the environment, food and rural affairs, has launched  The Future of Farming review, an innovative program designed to encourage young people to work in […]

January 4th

British Prawns are Not so British

In Great Britain, it’s quite common to see food labelled ‘British fill in the blank’. It’s a good thing, because the people know that they are buying at least reasonably local food.

However, because of loopholes in the food labelling requirements, this type of labelling can be VERY misleading.

April 20th

‘Local Food’ Labels Often Incorrect in England & Wales

A local government watchdog group in the UK has found that approximately 1/5 of products labeled as ‘local’ in England and Wales are misleading consumers and aren’t actually locally produced. Some of the foods identified as not being ‘local’ included “Welsh lamb,” which actually came from New Zealand, “Somerset butter” which was from Scotland, not […]

February 28th

Deadly E.coli Outbreak Reaches Babies in UK Hospitals

Looks like the UK is getting hit with a pretty bad E.coli outbreak. “A potentially lethal strain of the E.coli bacteria has been discovered on the skin of 13 newborns in a premature baby unit at a London hospital,” Animal Aid reports. This ESL strain, O157:H7, has a number of really bad features: it’s antibiotic-resistant; it’s […]

December 6th