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How to Freeze Strawberries

Nothing screams summer like lots of delicious berries, in my opinion. But what if, in your heat-fueled berry-picking fervor, you end up with way more berries than you’ll ever eat? You can make them into jam, sure, but sometimes you just want to put up those straight berries without the extra sugar so you can use them later in baking and in smoothies, right?

July 5th

Meatless Monday, On a Friday: 8 Vegan BBQ Ideas

It might not be Monday, but that doesn’t mean you can’t sneak in some meat-free, carbon friendly eats at your weekend barbecues!  While burgers and hot dogs might be traditional, they’re certainly not doing the environment–or your health–any favors.  Why not surprise your hosts or guests by providing some unexpected and delicious vegan options at […]

Farmers Market Fare 12

© Karin Lau | Midsummer is upon us. How did that happen? Our CSA bag yielded fresh corn. While many folks have vilified corn because of it’s tainted connections to HFCS, livestock feed and corn ethanol and just about everything subsidized in foods, well, fresh corn on the cob is still one of my […]

July 15th