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Trans Fat Maybe, Kind of Linked to Aggression

A new study from the journal PLoS ONE claims trans fats might be linked to aggressive behaviors. And now a collective, “I knew it!” First of all, New York knew it first, by banning trans fats ages ago, as did some other countries. Secondly, this doesn’t mean you can go on a rude spree and then get a free pass.

March 15th

Study Suggests that Soy May Help with Radiation Cancer Treatment

Soy products are loaded with isoflavones – a compound whose health benefits are widely disputed. Isoflavones have been hailed for helping alleviate menopause symptoms to reducing cancer risk, but are also changed with inhibiting thyroid function and changing the menstrual cycles of women. This week, soy products got another tally in the ‘beneficial’ column. A […]

April 1st

Bt Toxin From Genetically Modified Corn Found in U.S. Streams

As if industrial agriculture wasn’t polluting water enough with manufactured chemical pesticides, now researchers have discovered that U.S. streams are also contaminated with insecticides genetically engineered into plants. According to a study published last week in Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences, the Bt toxin from GMO corn is finding its way into streams.

October 4th

Tainted Produce in Poor Neighborhoods

[social_buttons] Not only do low-income neighborhoods have less access to fresh produce, but the rare fruit or veggie found in these areas is also more likely to be tainted. A new study in the American Journal of Preventive Medicine suggests that the levels of bacteria, yeast, and mold found on fresh produce vary according to […]

April 12th

Upgrading the College Diet: Study Snacks

  Finals are fast approaching on college campuses.  It’s the time of the semester when students put themselves on “lockdown” to study for comprehensive exams, write papers, or finally tackle that half-page reading list.  Since I’ve been in college, I’ve noticed that most students adopt terrible lifestyle habits before and during finals.  They don’t sleep, […]

December 3rd