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Skinnygirl Sparklers Contain Additives Linked to Aging, Cancer, Diabetes

  Here we go again. It wasn’t long ago that Bethenny Frankel, of Housewives of New York fame, unveiled four new Skinnygirl “natural” flavored vodkas. As I wrote in Skinnygirl Wine Exposed and Skinnygirl Exposed (Again): Not-So Naturally Flavored Vodkas, the Skinnygirl wine’s “natural” positioning is actually just a marketing campaign. Similarly, I just as I suspected […]

November 22nd

100% Natural Rhubarb Liqueur Hits The Shelves

Rhuby Rhubarb Liqueur seems to be 100% Natural. Truly. These days it seems like everyone wants to cash in on the $29 billion ‘natural’ foods market. Alcohol companies are no exception. Many, if not most, alcoholic beverages’ ‘natural’ claims are at best questionable (like Skinnygirl Cocktails). Rhuby, the recently launched Swedish rhubarb liqueur, however, claims that […]

August 16th

Bogus ‘Natural’ Products Under Attack

I was thrilled to learn that in March of this year that the Organic Consumers Association has launched a nationwide campaign to “expose and eliminate the misleading practice of ‘natural’ labeling and marketing. Bogus ‘Natural’ Products The  Organic Consumers Association, North America’s leading watchdog over organic and fair trade standards, has launched a new nationwide campaign. […]

July 16th

Skinnygirl Exposed (Again): Not-So Naturally Flavored Vodkas

Bethenny Frankel recently unveiled four new Skinnygirl flavors: Mojito, Sweet ‘n Tart Grapefruit Margarita, Moscato and White Cherry Vodka. And while all of them sound kind of suspect, I am particularly suspect about the “natural” flavored vodkas. As I wrote in Skinnygirl Wine Exposed, the Skinnygirl wine’s low-calorie positioning is nothing more than marketing and promotional bluster (low calorie […]

June 19th